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03 October 2011

More books and things or taking a new path

I spent part of the weekend trying to get my inspiration back after our recent change of direction.  I listened to a few SWB audio lectures and read some CM.  I also spent a morning reading to LB and took both of the girls to the mountains to glory in the change of seasons.   Here is my CM inspiration:
Children can be most fitly educated on Things and Books. Things, e.g.––

  • i. Natural obstacles for physical contention, climbing, swimming, walking, etc.

  • ii. Material to work in––wood, leather, clay, etc.

  • iii. Natural objects in situ––birds, plants, streams, stones, etc,
  • v. Scientific apparatus, etc.
The value of this education by Things is receiving wide recognition, but intellectual education to be derived from Books is still for the most part to seek.
Every scholar of six years old and upwards should study with 'delight' his own, living, books on every subject in a pretty wide curriculum. Children between six and eight must for the most part have their books read to them.
I had a good talk with CC then inquired about a different enrichment program. This one is in a different district that is designed mostly for group-learning and social time (which means it is for fun not strictly educational).  We're planning to visit it in a couple of weeks, but for now, we'll work on filling in the holes left from the last one.

This morning I began school with a story for LB before her breakfast, and we all enjoyed some poetry together.  I'm happy with the new direction we're taking.

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