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24 February 2012

Week 22, again -

I figured something out yesterday.  I realized that I've been homeschooling 10 years, and I'm probably not going to profoundly change my approach to homeschooling going forward.  I may add or subtract somethings and add a few new ideas or inspirations, but I don't think I'm likely to change a lot. 

First Grade:
We're making steady progress.
Everyday: 1 Saxon sheet, 2 ETC pages, Little Bear according to MP1 schedule, 1 page McRuffy cursive handwriting, 1 page CLP Nature Reader 1.
A little bit of LB's everyday work

When she came to the end of her assigned reading Thursday, she just had to read one more page.  "We can't stop here; it is the exciting part!"  That is a huge step towards reading independence.
LB wrote her own L sentence because she loves cursive L's

We found Animal Atlas: Family Time to watch this week.  It is actually pretty educational in addition to cute.  It covers the biological definition of Family along with lots of information about animal classification.

We also enjoyed Hieroglyphs and One Very Small Square : Busy Beaver Pond this week.

Fifth Grade:
CC started out the week Still Sick, but we started listening to SWB's  The History of the Medieval World.  Audio books are great for sick kids and their moms.  By Thursday, she was back to her normal work.   I printed out 100 Classic Words from MCT this week.  She's working on one word a day.   We also finally had science with our friends again.

CC learned to make this in math - and taught her sister so now we have lots of pyramids

Normal Work: 1 hour cello, 1 hour math, 1 hour writing, non-fiction reading, and free reading.  Basics.  We're really good at the basics. Don't forget that this includes discussion, feedback and interaction.  She doesn't sit in her room alone for hours doing her work.
RS Geometry

LB: Dad read another Magic Tree House .  I read King Midas and the Golden Touch to her.
CC: Started working her way through  The Blood-Curdling Box from Horrible Histories - at least she's not reading  Warriors this week.  I'm still reading Inkheart to her which is great as a read aloud because we spend as much time talking about each chapter as we do reading it.  The talking is the best part of sharing books.
Me: In the Heart of the Sea was a great read especially for a fan of Moby Dick. I'd never read an account of the sinking of the whaleship Essex before, but now I'm going to read Moby Dick again with more insight into the history of Nantucket Island, whaling and whaleships.  I'm looking forward to it.  I'm also slowly reading Mansfield Park - I'm almost out of Austin books so I'm trying to slow down.

Just Me:
Monday I had a rough dentist appointment to start repair on a tooth with a thirty year old filling that had developed a cavity.  It wasn't a very good day especially after having a three day migraine.  Tuesday found me still dragging, but LB was at school and CC was sick so I managed.  Wednesday, I was supposed to be busy at work, and I started feeling under the weather.  I'm ready for warm sunny weather so I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine.

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I hope you get feeling better. I think we're all ready for spring!