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16 March 2012

Week 25 - Ups and Downs

This is a hard week to write about. We have a good system that moves us along our work from one thing to the next efficiently which is just what we needed this week because we had our share of ups and downs. Darling Dad (DD) was on the small side of physics this week when his bike collided with a car. We spent more than a few hours in the emergency room, but DD walked out and is recovering. BB, who is required to do an internship before he graduates, was awarded an internship at the US Embassy in Japan for the summer. I found out I have a kidney stone. GMa came home from visiting my sister in Texas.

With all that going on, we finished all of our work for the week - reading, phonics, handwriting, writing, math, read alouds, biology, music, art, history, poetry, memory work, and lots of fresh air. The weather was beautiful, and I finally have some of that sunshine I've been needing.
CC and her friend made slides of everyone's hair today for science

They also compared human and animal hair


Homeschooling6 said...

Yikes, how scary, I am glad your hubby is doing okay. Neat slides.

Gillian said...

What a week! We've also had the husband bike-car collision bit, and it is a scary place to be! Glad yours is okay (as was mine).

Amazed at all you got done with the other stuff going on.