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25 May 2012

Week 34 - eclipse

CC waiting for the eclipse

Hubby and LB waiting for the eclipse.
When I told the girls that there'd be a solar eclipse, LB was excited because she had thought that a solar eclipse was "mythical" and didn't know they really happened.

This was a rough week to do school.

Monday, Hubby and I went to the funeral of a 19 year-old young lady that took her own life.  It was horrible and heartbreaking.    After the funeral, I picked up CC early from her end of school party for her enrichment school because she started breaking out in hives.
Tuesday, CC had the rest of her allergy test which showed she isn't allergic to dust or grass, but is allergic to weeds which goes well with her tree allergy.  Hubby took GMa to the airport, while I took LB to the allergist with CC.  No one did any school.
Wednesday is normally a day off from school.  CC read most of the day and practiced cello until her fingers hurt.  LB played outside, even in the rain.
Thursday, CC took a computerized placement test for math for her school next year but had trouble entering the answers into the program and missed many that she knew the answer to.  I called the admissions director to see what could be done about it.  She also had a training session for her summer volunteer job.  LB did her schoolwork, played outside, went to Judo, and tagged along with me for a dance mom meeting.  The highlight of the day was turning to see what the magpies were fussing about and finding a bobcat walking across our cul-de-sac.  We followed it, of course.
Friday is finally better.  The girls read and worked on art projects in the morning.  We studied muscles in the afternoon with our friends then did the normal school work. 
BB has started classes for his summer semester.  He's taking a couple of history classes and loves them.   He was also in the path of the full eclipse and had a beautiful, clear morning for it.  He said the morning sky turned purple as the moon crossed in front of the sun.

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Gillian said...

Sounds like a bit of a rough week. My ds's allergies can be so brutal sometimes!

I hope next week is smoother for all of you!