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19 July 2012

Planning Second Grade for LB

I have Oak Meadow 3 and MP 2, and I'm trying to coordinate them.  I love the way that OM integrates art into LA, history and science.  I love the straight forward plans of MP.  I sat down today with the first week of both programs with all my resources to see if my plan to combine them will work.  I know from my own experience that I work best when everything is "do the next thing" which is one of the reasons I like MP.  I'm hoping to organize OM so that it is just as easy for me to use.  Here's my first stab at it.  LB goes to an enrichment program on Tuesdays so I had to squish the five-day-a-week plans into four days.  OM provides the stories and background information in the TM.  The MP spelling list is in the back of the book on a page with room to copy the words.  I tried to stretch things out so that she wouldn't listen to 3 stories in one day then narrate 3 in one day and illustrate 3 in a day.  I plan to read the LA story on Sunday night before bed.  I'm going to try a few more weeks to see how it comes together.

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Bright Sky Mom said...

The combined plans look really good!