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25 July 2012

Will it work? A first look at an organized day

I like color coding people and times.  The Blue is CC, the Pinks and Orangey Pinks are LB, the Yellow is me, the Purple is both girls, the Green is a scheduled rest or together time. I have lots more meetings during the weeks, but they aren't as predictable as the ones I have here.  I decided that I would do a morning and an afternoon session in a "main lesson block" where we'll cover the main content, art and writing for the day.  The other scheduled times are for reading, phonics and math in their own time slots.  My idea is to weekly add in the rest of my meetings and reorganize blocks as needed.  At least it works on paper, which is a big step towards working in reality.

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Bright Sky Mom said...

I also enjoy color coding people and times. I enjoy looking at other people's color coded times even more. :) I sure looks like it will work!