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12 October 2012

Week 9 Mitosis and a Doll Party

A birthday party for Sammy
Sammy and LB with the toy LB made for her

A lovely view from a lovely walk

CC's Insect collection for science

Her grade - the color coding was appreciated

This week in science, CC learned about mitosis.  Her teacher had the class act out the stages. Ideas that were just words on a page at the beginning of the week are now tied to funny images of her friends lining up, pulling apart and becoming their own cells.  I loved the light in her eyes while she was describing how much fun she had learning about mitosis - even if she had looked at me strangely when I was helping her with her mitosis-related vocabulary earlier in the week.  Somehow me acting out mitosis in her room just isn't as memorable as 28 girls acting it out together.  Cheers to Mr. Science teacher!

I've been telling CC all year that her "Lit. Comp." teacher will grow on her.  Today, she admitted that he is.  They started the section on prepositions not only with a song but also demonstrating prepositions with their chairs.  Prepositions have to be one of the best parts of speech.  At least grammar class wasn't boring today for a change.

LB sat with me one night while I was watching CC do her grammar homework and decided that she wants to do grammar to.  I pulled out my old FLL from when CC was in first grade -  such sweet memories.  I have learned so much since then.

For school this week, LB did her math, poetry copywork and science.  That's all except for stories.  We played some games, did some art, sewed a stuffed dog, baked a chocolate cake and even made chicken enchiladas, but schoolwork was short.  If you can find a copy of Dove Isabeau, it is a great story and very different than many fairy tales.  We loved that the girl was sweet and fierce just like the best girls we know.


Mary said...

Very cool insect collection!

Gillian said...

Our library has Dove Isabeau... I'm eager to read it to my dd9!

Love the insect collection and the colors used for writing... very nice.