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08 March 2013

School report for first week of March

Last week, CC was home most of the week on doctor ordered rest.  She'd pick up a virus on top of her lingering mono, and he wanted her to rest for the week.  I enjoyed having her home with me and watched too much Doctor Who with her. She started feeling better and enjoyed a sleep-over at a friend's house on the weekend.   Her friend has food allergies so I relaxed a little bit because I knew her mom would know what to do.

She's been enjoying Cattus Petasatus and Harrius Potter.  She loves to translate Latin and is enjoying the challenge.

This week she had her first week of state standardized tests.  We've done the simple CAT tests previously for homeschooling, but this is her first time of taking 3 days of tests.  She said she was completely unprepared for how incredibly boring it would be.  She survived the testing and then welcomed normal school days. 

I'm amazed at how much her writing has improved over the year.  Last night she wrote a three page tribute speech for her Public Performance class.  She's always been a great writer when the topic was something she chose with her own timing, but it was great to watch her write a moving speech in a short amount of time.

LB has had a wonderful week.  She's been reading through her SL2 reader with a bonus that I read a chapter of Droon to her after she reads.  She could read Droon herself, but I'm hoping that this little addictive series will get to her and she'll choose to read them on her own.  She's still at a stage where she reads when she's told but not for her own pleasure.  I know it will come.   

We're slowly working our way through MUS Alpha.  We're on lesson 12, and she's still enjoying it.  I'd much rather her make slow progress with understanding than rush through going through the motions.  She gets math during her co-op also and has learned quite a bit which I think helps to round out the lessons at home.  I'm still worried because she is "behind,"  but I can deal with that better than with pushing her ahead without understanding.

This week spring started to peek out.  LB's class walked to the local money museum one day and took their scooters to a pizza place for lunch one day.  She also came home barefoot from school yesterday.  I love that she spends so much time outside.  She's  enjoying German and learning to play a flute as part of her co-op day.  She seems to have a talent for languages and music like her brother and sister. 

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