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15 March 2013

Weekly Report Week 23

The good news is that I finally caught up my calendar so I know what week it is, but the bad news is that we'll be 24 days behind last year's count at the end of this month.   I think this year I must have started later or something. 
The time change really got us this year.  We've been tired all week.

CC had a good week academically and a bad week socially.  She scored well on the tests she took last week, which is good except that she also received some hurtful comments from her classmates because of her grades.   She came home in near tears on Wednesday because she got two tests back that day and was told by some peers that she is a terrible person because she makes them look bad.  I was ready to take her out of school right away, but she wants to stay and is already looking forward to classes and teachers she'll have next year.  So instead of taking her out of school, I emailed the principal.  We'll see how it goes, but she's already met with the 6th grade team and found that the teachers haven't noticed this happening.   This has been getting steadily worse since Christmas break, and I've run out of ways to encourage and comfort her.  I want to see change, but having suffered this myself, I don't really believe this can be changed.

For LB, the warm weather contributed to a wonderful week along with some pain.  She's been taking her scooter to co-op and riding with her friends.  This week, she fell three days in a row and came home with increasingly worse skinned knees.  She also exclaimed , " I can read!" for the first time ever.  She reads well, but it is a huge milestone for her to realize it.  MUS is starting to seem easy for her so we've picked up the pace.  I won't skip any lessons, but at lesson 14, we're finally starting to move rapidly.  I can actually imagine her getting up to grade level before fall.

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