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12 August 2007

Fifty Famous Stories or Cultural Literacy

Do you know what the sword of Damocles is? Had you heard the story of the 300 before you saw the movie? Do your children know about spinning straw into gold and Rumpelstiltzkin?

Two nights a week, I read bedtime stories to my girls. The rest of the week my hubby does. I had planned to start reading through the Fifty Famous Stories Retold with CC this year for school. I think I will try them out this week as bedtime stories. I printed off the 300 and the Sword of Damocles from Project Gutenberg. If these work out, then I might even buy a copy of the book from Yesterday's Classics.

I wonder what kind of dreams a 6yo will have after hearing the story of the 300 as a bedtime story? I guess we will see.

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