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11 August 2007

First Grade so far

CC is 6 and we just started first grade two weeks ago. She begged me to start. I had planned to wait until later this month. So far we have only started math, spelling, grammar, and science. Next week we will add in history. We do math and spelling everyday. Everything else is twice a week at best.

What we use:
Horizons Math 2
Singapore Math 2
First Language Lessons
Story of the World 1 We are just doing the Greeks and Romans this year.
Sequential Spelling
Minimus Latin
WinterPromise LA 2 Readers for AW with Schedule
Write Away 2002 edition

I want to do something for art that inlcudes some art history. I haven't picked anything yet, but I just ordered Camille and the Sunflowers . I thought I could get some oil pastels and go sit in a field and we could paint. The sunflowers are blooming here now and I think this will hold us for a couple of weeks while I find something for the long term.

When I look at it like this, it both seems like a lot of stuff and doesn't seem like much. It does however, make me want to go through my boxes of books, and see why I have so many destined for the school shelves this year. Oh now I remember, the child loves Rome and we have every book about Rome that is recommended for her age. I just hope she still loves Rome at the end of the school year.

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