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17 August 2007

Five in a Row Co-Op

Our co-op is starting in less than a month. I was planning to co-teach a Five in a Row class with a friend. But, she has decided to not do co-op this term. I am sad. I will miss her company.

Now I have to decide if I want to do the class alone or just drop it. I am leaning towards dropping it. We had planned to start with How to Make an Apple Pie and see the World. We were going to include a trip to the local apple orchard and of course apple pie. The last class would have been Cranberry Thanksgiving, since our co-op ends the week before Thanksgiving.

I think I will peruse the FIAR book this weekend and look at the activities again. Maybe I will brave it alone. I really do like the book choices and the activities. I also think its a great way to do literary analysis for the younger kids. It really gets them involved in and thinking about the stories.

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Sallie said...

a co-op sounds like such a great idea to work with others.. I have not been so lucky in finding one here but I will continue to look..