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17 August 2007

What is a good day in homeschool?

I have had days in which I accomplish everything I scheduled. I have had weeks where nothing went as planned. I'm sure we all have. But the big question is, would I know a good day if I had one? Would I have to accomplish everything on my to-do list to have a day at homeschool be "good"? Would the kids need to enjoy everything we did and cooperate for the whole day? At the end of the day would they cheer and say "More school, please ma'am"?

I think that for me, a good school day would include

  • Time spent with each child
  • At least one face that showed excitement about something learned
  • Accomplishing something that I had planned

That is the minimum I would need to call my day "good". My kids are growing up so fast. It is amazing to watch them. My oldest is leaving next year. Looking back, I don't wish that he had spent more time sitting at his desk. I wish that I had spend more time enjoying watching him discover the world. It is so easy to see the excitement of learning on the faces of my little ones. I want to make sure that I treasure it because it is precious.

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