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24 August 2007

High School Report

I have been postponing the High School report all day. I must do it.
Well, BB was actually delightful this week. He was up and ready to drive himself to his 9am physics class by 8:15 though the breakfast I lovingly microwaved for him was greeted with "Whatever." I really can't win them all. He was much more pleasant by the time he got back from class. He enjoyed it, sort of. He thought his professor was weird, but I, having been a physics major for 3 years before changing to CompSci, informed him that all physics professors are weird.

Tuesday, he once again made it to physics on time which is amazing to me since I don't normally see his handsome face until noon during the summer. The Creativity and 3-d Visualization class didn't go well, and he dropped it. He loved Japanese - as usual. So now he is only taking two college classes and the literature class from me. He and I talked, and he is going to do an art class at home. He has to find a book to use as a guide and give me an outline of the class.

Last night he told me he needed a costume for Japanese class. He and his partner have a presentation due in two weeks and he needs " a cool Gothic" costume for it. Next week we are going shopping at the local freak stores. It ought to be fun for the little ones.

We got a brochure from a language school this week. BB decided that Russian is the next language he wants to learn. He really likes the way it sounds. I am now trying to find Russian classes and researching a trip to Russia for him. I think linguistics would be a great major for him when he gets to college. In case you don't know - he is "graduating" from homeschool this spring. Next fall he will be staying home and taking Japanese 4 from his current Japanese teacher before he goes off to college. The following spring, unless he changes his mind about his language choices, he will be spending a couple of months at a Japanese language school in Japan to cement his Japanese knowledge. After that, he is planning to go off to college. I am very happy that I will get him for an extra three or four months. I'm just not ready to let him go yet. I will miss him.


my5wolfcubs said...

My dh took Russian in highschool and Japanese in college and regrets never doing more w/ his learning! I am determined to teach Latin here at home...I just want to make it a little more joyful & fun then grammar drill!
PS So are you going to post some of BB's artwork? :)

Karen said...

BB loves languages so I want to make sure he gets some real opportunity to use the ones he is learning. I will post some of his artwork. He He. Don't know that he will like that, but I think that he likes that I am proud of his work.