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24 August 2007

More about our Math revolt

We have had a terrible time with math. It all started out so well last year. We started with RightStart level B. We played games and did a relaxed and easy math schedule. Slowly, CC started to realize that the fun math games were really just math practice. She started refusing to participate. I didn't want to rush her on math, so I backed off. It was only kindergarten and she was doing very well.

A month or so later, I let someone borrow my RS B manual. Big mistake. She dropped out of our co-op shortly afterwards and I haven't seen my RS manual since.

I decided to try Singapore math. CC liked it for a week or two then decided she hated worksheets. We did it orally for a few weeks, but she started refusing that too.

We switched to MUS. We finished the Alpha level. I thought all was going well so I bought Beta. That is when I found that she hated MUS. She refused to be in the same room as the video, blocks, or teacher manual. She cried when I tried to have her watch it. That is not what I wanted from math.

This year, I decided to go to Horizons. I thought that if we were going have to force math, that a simple book with built in spiral review would be perfect. It worked for two weeks. On Tuesday, CC refused to do her math. She spent 15 minutes doing two problems on an addition drill sheet. She cried. I wanted to go to the park. I didn't want to do this math war again. I closed her book and we went to the park. I was afraid it was an obedience problem instead of a math problem, so I stuck the MUS Beta video in the dvd in the van on the way to the park.

Wednesday, we were back at the table with the same math problems. She did about 20 of them then decided that she really hated math. I was ready for this. I sent her to her room and dug out the old RS Math Games box. She did an excellent job once she dried her tears. The games have been working for three days. We spend about 30 minutes playing. It is refreshing.

I almost bought RS level C, but I am waiting. We will do more math games for a few weeks. I'm not buying another math program for a while.

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my5wolfcubs said...

Ohhh, I can so sympathize with you & CC and math! I think you may have been through more math programs than Ginger & I have been. Her frustrations w/ math were primarily due to her vision (lack of vision!) but I made it all about obedience. Keep playing those math games, mom! There really is joy in numbers...as my next two have taught me!