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24 August 2007

Week 3 report

I think this week was terrific. We accomplished much more than we did last week. We didn't get to every subject, but we overcame come snags. I was also able to get to the grocery store and do a two week grocery shopping - hopefully we won't have to go back before the two week are over, but I already found a few things I forgot. I also finally dropped off my Letter of Intent to Homeschool so we are actually legal.

History. We read all three of the readings I had planned for the week. We also did both of the projects I had planned.

Literature. We both did the reading I had planned for the week.

English. Here is where I came up very short. We did no grammar and no writing. We also only did spelling twice.

Math. Big trouble in math land. We had a revolt against Horizons. We are now just playing math games. This morning I tasked BB to play a math game with CC while I was getting ready for work. I came out of the shower to the sounds of both of them laughing about math. I like that.

Science. We did pretty well. The weather was wonderful so we spent lots of time outdoors this week. We also marked off a square of the yard for observation. We didn't do the kitchen science experiment, but the microscope came last night and CC enjoyed looking at salt, sugar, fish food, pizza, chocolate and other things.

Art. We didn't do any painting this week, but CC did spend a lot of time making pinch pots and sculpting little figurines after reading about Greek art. I think we did enough art.

Fun. We did have fun and went to the park.

Not-Preschool. Row your Boat was a big hit. We didn't get to Five Little Speckled Frogs. We didn't do our crafts. We enjoyed the lily pad relay, I spy, and learning about floating and sinking.

The week was fun and relaxing. I think we can easily squeeze some more work in over the next few weeks.


Trivium Academy said...

What was the revolt in Math about? It sounds like you had a fabulous week, accomplished a lot of things and *gasp*, had fun!

Grammar was accomplished through your reading, letting you off the hook there. :) Writing, well you did spelling right?

Which microscope did you get?
Congratulations on a great week!
:) Jessica

Karen said...

We got a Blister microscope. I decided to get an inexpensive one that would be easy for my 6yo to make her slides and to focus herself that would tolerate being used by the 2yo.

Math.... She refused to do her math Tuesday. She spent 15 minutes answering 2 simple problems (9+6 and 7+3). So I threw in the towel and stuck the MUS video in the dvd player in the van on the way to the park.


my5wolfcubs said...

I didn't read about your week last week -- sounds great, especially about BB & CC laughing about the math. Definitely a good sign! :)