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23 August 2007

Math was better today

This morning instead of our Horizons worksheet, we played a game from RightStart. I was amazed at how well CC can add. She kept score and at the end added up our scores. She actually did this in her head. We did part Math-U-See Alpha last year as one of the math programs we jumped around to, I think it is where she learned to add.

The rest of the day was great too. Instead of the spelling lesson I had planned, CC wrote out word "sounds". She sounded out bam, splat, cluck and other sound words. When she ran out of ideas, she walked around asking everyone for sounds. BB and I both explained onomatopoeia to her.

We planted flowers after lunch and then spent the afternoon playing outside. The weather was nice - 75 and cloudy. CC even did her reading to me on the swing outside. She enjoyed the story of Albion and Brutus at bedtime. It was our first reading from Our Island Story.

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my5wolfcubs said...

I have really been enjoying reading your blog! I did some AO last year and am suddenly really missing it! Ah, Albion!
Lee (from the WTM board)