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17 August 2007

And this was my week

I had big plans for things to do this week, but alas, the week was different.

Monday, I woke up with the beginnings of a headache, no coffee in the house and not nearly enough sleep. We had stayed up for a few hours after I came home from work watching the meteor shower. Hubby went for coffee in the morning, and as a man is likely to do, he went to Starbucks and got a coffee. When I was thinking of getting coffee, I had thought of getting a pound of coffee so I could make a BIG pot. Anyway.... the headache of the morning turned into the migraine of the afternoon. A quick trip to the acupuncturist fixed that, but by then the day was done.

Tuesday, Park Day. My favorite day of the week. BB got started on his Tolkien study, and I got the kids to the park by noon. It was a wonderful day.

Wednesday, was our Birthday. This year we decided to work on being more flexible and on doing more things together. We went for a wonderful 9 mile hike. It felt great.

Thursday, wow where did my week go? BB drove me to school so I could pay for his classes and we bought his books. I went for another acupuncture treatment. We also did 7, yes 7, lessons in math with CC. Its the beginning of the books so its all review, but still, we did math! She also read 5 pages to me from her first reading book from the WP LA 2 readers. She liked it and it was just the right level for her.

Friday, we sang some silly songs from BB's new not-Preschool book. The girls both had fun. We also went for a walk to collect sunflowers. Instead of painting, we went to the park before I went to work. BB is supposed to paint with the girls this afternoon.

So, my week did not go as planned, but it went. We had fun. We even accomplished some work. Next week, we'll do better.

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