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17 August 2007

Reading the 300 as a bedtime story

Sometimes I really wonder about what I am doing to my children. CC is 6. I had decided to try to read some of the Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin. I decided to start with the story of the 300 since we are going to finish up Geek history as a prelude to Roman history.

As I began to read the story and got to the part where the King of Persia sent his messengers to the cities of Greece to ask for water and sand as tokens of their submission to him, CC got really excited and started jumping up and down on her bed. She interrupted me and said, "Then the Greeks threw them down the well and said, 'There is plenty of water and sand down there.'!" She was very excited. She declared that she Loves that story.

BB said it just proves I am failure as a teacher. I just laughed. I thought I was going to tell her an exciting story to stimulate her imagination and raise her cultural awareness. What I actually did was learn that she knows a lot more than I give her credit for.

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