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12 August 2007

This Week's Plan - Week 2

I think we will be pretty busy this week. We will be skipping school Wednesday for an all school holiday - its my and hubby's birthday and our anniversary.

I normally try to limit errands to one day a week, but I don't think its possible this week. When you read this, realize that I help CC with everything she does and that we have a 2 year old.


Groceries and art supplies Math
Help BB strip his bed and take blankets to laundry - allergies bothering him FLL lesson 3
Need to drop off letter at school district office


STOW Ch. 22
Take CC to karate Journal Writing

Tuesday - park day all day with co-op friends. We do math and read before we go. BB starts LOTR.

Wednesday - My b-day. So, what is a good thing to do on your birthday?


BB & Me CC
Pick up books and pay for college classes Math
Go over assignments and discussion questions with BB. FLL lesson 5
If weather cooperates, I want to put a second coat of paint on living room wall. Spelling
Really need to get tags for hubby's jeep Reading

No Science

make Greek costumes


Go to Work at 2pm. Math games


Kitchen science experiment

Start on sunflower painting

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