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12 August 2007

It's Not Really Preschool

LB is two. Now that school is starting, I am trying to decide what I am going to do with her while I am trying to teach CC something. I have seen many other homeschool moms go into "preschool" mode. I refuse. She is my baby. She will Never go to preschool - not even at home.

I do feel guilty that she might start getting less personal mommy attention than she had before. Of course, I threw money at the problem. The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio is a great place to start looking at toys. I decided to get some Lauri puzzles and some Gears. I also decided to order a book Sing! Play! Create! it has some ideas for hands-on things to do with her.

Even though this WILL not any anyway resemble preschool activities, I want to make sure I spend intentional time with her. The older two get that kind of time and I want to make sure she does too.

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