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19 August 2007

MIT list

Yesterday, I read an article about doing your Most Important Tasks. It proposed that each day you should do your most important tasks first. If you accomplish nothing else, you at least did the important stuff.

This is what I had decided to do in our homeschool. I started thinking about this after reading The Latin-Centered Curriculum. The idea is to simplify your curriculum so that you can put your focus on the important things.

How I am doing it this year is to do math, reading, and spelling first thing each day. It seems like a simple idea, but for me it was profound. Now we do our work right after breakfast. The rest of day we can play, or spend the afternoon engrossed in history, or anything else. I moved the subjects that are most important first, and it has made our day much easier.

This week I think I will try to do that with my MITs. Put the important things first in the day. Hopefully it will work as well for me as it has for our school day.

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