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19 August 2007

A Sunday hike

Hubby took the girls hiking today while I am at work. Isn't it a beautiful day to be outside? This is one of the things I love about Charlotte Mason. She firmly believed that children should "be taken daily to scenes - moor and meadow, park, common, or shore - where he may find new things to examine." This is something that I really agree with. Kids have such wonderful, natural curiosities that should be encouraged. There is nothing like nature to stimulate the mind of a child.

Hubby had taken the girls on a hike with the intent to go to a lake which is about a mile from the trail head. Half a mile into the hike he realized that today would not be a day for a long hike. The girls were too busy exploring and having fun to be bothered with hiking further to have fun. As adults we often set goals and make plans which seem very silly to children. Why would they want to hike another half mile before they can have fun and explore? An adult might have only seen the side of the trail as something to get beyond, but a child can see it as a wonderful place to explore.

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Sallie said...

Camelbaks are the best thing since sliced bread for hiking! It is definitely the easiest way to pack water IMHO...

God bless!