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14 September 2007

Week 5 Report

Don't you love pig tails? I took the picture of LB in her pig tails on our first day of co-op. I took it in the bathroom because she normally only keeps them in for 5 minutes.

This week went well, except it was spoiled by a little stomach flu that hit on the way back from the apple orchard. Don't you love the "I feel like I'm going to throw..." sentence that never gets completed? Yuck. But the booster seat got a well deserved washing, and I'm glad I had paper towels and a change of clothes in the car.

We didn't get to SOTW, but I heard laughter from the bedroom when hubby was reading from Fifty Famous Stories. That book is a definite winner. We decided that we were tired of stories from Serendipity, so we skipped to Hector Springs Loose. We didn't start Alexander the Great, but the story from Among the Meadow People was very good.

We did copywork one day from the Happy Scribe copywork sample. CC liked it, but said she preferred to just copy a sentence from her readings. The regular copywork didn't get done. We also missed science and art and haven't made our apple pie yet. Math went well, we even played with hubby one day. CC seemed to enjoy having Daddy play with us. She liked the 9 minuend game, but had trouble with the adding multiples of 3. We did that on the day she was sick so the trouble may have not been the math. We'll do more with that next week.

Co-op classes went well, but I was tired afterward. One of the kids in my history class gave me the best complement - she said "It was like I was really living in history times." That is just what I was aiming for. Now I just have to keep it up for 9 more weeks.

We will put this one in the win column. We didn't get to everything due to illness, but we did make progress and had fun.


Tina in WA said...

I love teaching co-op classes, especially when the kids love it so much! I wanted to be a teacher when I was all growed up. I feel like I am living one of my childhood dreams!

At the end of class, one of my students said she was soooo happy to be taking this art class. She was smiling from ear to ear, and bouncing up and down in her chair when she said that. Oh it gave me such a good feeling! :o)

Blessing and have a co-op session!


LisaWA said...

My youngest was the same way... I could never keep her pig tails in either! *Ü* They look so cute too!

Sorry about the flu.... hope those who had it are now on the mend!


Alane's Dirt Pile said...

My firt time here; I'm a weekly reporter, too. I love the pigtails. Don't think any of my boys would like it if I did that to them, tho' LOL! What a geat boost to your co-op teaching efforts! Enjoy your new week.
Blessings, Alane's Dirt Pile

Diane said...

Love your blog.

Weekly reporter here as well.

LOVE your little one's pig tails, I miss those on my little girl.

Have another terrific week.

LH said...

Oh, yes, I do love PigTails - adorable. Your school week sounds grand . . and the co-op sounds nifty even if it is a bit tiring :-)