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08 September 2007

What is for breakfast?

This morning, LB announced at 7am that the sun was up. She also told me she had a smile for me so I could have a good morning. Well, that did it for me. Despite the fact that I was going work a 12 hour shift in the afternoon, I crawled out of bed and found my own smile. When I asked her what she wanted for breakfast, she replied "Pizza and cinnamon rolls." I couldn't think of any good reasons that it wouldn't work, so it was pizza and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Later, she found a kids cookbook in the kitchen drawer. She told me, "You taught my sister to cook with this book. Teach me to cook. " How can you resist logic like that? As we looked through the recipes, she decided she wanted to make pizza, of course. So after having frozen pizza for breakfast, we made homemade pizza sauce and made our own pizzas for morning snack. I guess cooking classes are now part of our not-preschool.

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