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23 September 2007

Week 7 Schedule

My hubby asked me this morning what time we are done with school. I told him that it was a difficult question to answer. I have been pondering it all day. It has been stewing in the back of my little brain while I make my plans for this week. Do I want to have a time that we are done? I plan by the week. So either we are never done until its all done or each day we could be done at anytime and just push it all off for another day – depending on how you look at it. I just wonder how I look at it.

CC reads Hector Springs Loose each day. We are also reading through The Story of the Romans by Guerber, but this is unscheduled. We read it once or twice a week at bedtime. This week we are going to read about the Sabines. We are also going to have poetry reading every day. I am going to try out poems from AO this week, but I might just pull out one of our poetry books instead. I also decided to renew the poetry memorization that we started last year. I chose ten poems, formatted them on paper with a big box for illustration, and printed them out. The plan is to have CC illustrate each poem and make her own book of poetry.

Fifty Famous Stories Retold " Cornelia's Jewels"
Copy Work from Happy Scribe

Alexander the Great by Jane Bingham
Start poetry memorization
Math game

Girls Scouts
FIAR The Rag Coat by Lauren Mills We will be talking about feelings, teasing, and dealing with people. We will talk about the Appalachian Mountains and listen to some music. We will act out some words from the story and do some jump roping. We’ll make a quilt square from the Joseph’s coat of many colors pattern. We’ll also talk about what we can do with our old coats to help out people in our area. I’m bringing the microscope and samples of cotton, burlap, linen, wool, and silk fabric to examine and discuss natural fabrics.

History – We are doing Cuneiform and hieroglyphics this week. We’ll cover the development of pictograms and alphabets. We’ll make a cuneiform tablet, a hieroglyphic scroll and if time permits, a cartouche from salt dough.

Wednesday – We have plans to meet friends at the apple orchard early.
STOW chapter 25 in the car on the way.
Themes to Remember Volume 1
Among the Meadow People, "The Ant That Wore Wings"
Alexander the Great by Jane Bingham
Math game

Rapunzel by Paul O. Zelinsky
Copywork from reading
Continue memorization work
Math game
Alexander the Great by Jane Bingham
Project: Knots
Hike with Hubby in the mountains. The leaves are turning and he found a cool trail with a dome rock and a stream in a wildlife reserve.

Start writing a story about being brave.
Math game

Not Preschool

LB has been showing interest in letters so that influenced my choice of books this week. Of course this week we will have to work on the alphabet song. She has been singing it herself all weekend so we'll just be joining her where she is.

This week I will try being scheduled and being done each day.

High School

BB owes me a paper for Monday morning when he gets back from his physics class. I am kind of glad he is a senior this year. I love him being home and getting to guide his learning, but the older he gets, the harder it is to get him to work for me. He is a super fast reader and can write a great paper at the last minute. Those seem like great qualities until you realize you are stuck between parent and teacher. As his parent, I want to nag him to do his work instead of waiting till the last minute. As his teacher, I know that he is capable of doing great work even at the last minute and am more concerned that he meets his deadline, not what time he did the work. I also know that next year, he will be solely responsible for his schedule and I need to let him learn.

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