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21 September 2007

Week 6 Report

The weather was beautiful this week. September has the best of summer and fall - it is warm with cool nights. The leaves are starting to turn, but the flowers are blooming. I love it. Can you tell by my rocker on the front porch that I grew up in the South?

"The Story of Regulus" was a great story. We talked about how it was people like Regulus that made Rome great. We read another version of the story of Romulus and Remus later in the week and CC thought that it was amazing how people like Regulus could have come from a place that started with someone as bad as Romulus. Today, we read about the Peloponnesian war. CC decided that the Greeks didn't really deserve to have a great empire because they couldn't figure out how to continue to work together like they had to defeat the Persians.

Why did no one tell me that Chutes and Ladders is actually just a 100 board? I am working with CC to play more games. I learned this week that she doesn't want to play games because she is afraid to lose. That of course means that I have to start playing lots of simple and fun games with her.

I asked CC how she liked this version of Sleeping Beauty. She said it was perfect. I think the artwork is beautiful and the story well told. Three Snow Bears is a lovely version of Goldilocks. LB enjoyed it. She was a small bear most of the week. She has also been trip-trapping everywhere she goes - I think that's due to the influence of the billy goats gruff. I am very gladd that I started making an effort to read these stories to her. She gets to hear lots of stories at her sister's level, but it's not the same as having stories at her developmental level.

Co-op was great. It was much easier this week than last. I think knowing which kids I have and what to expect helped. The kids enjoyed making cookie dough nile rivers and then ate them during lunch. In the FIAR class, the kids sat through the whole Papa Piccolo story. Most of the class had actually checked the book out from the library. I think the kids will be getting more from the class if the parents are participating outside of co-op time.


LH said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying the Fifty Famous Stories book. We read that one too. . .but it's been years for us :-)

my5wolfcubs said...

What did you use to make the Parthenon? Did you eat it when you were done? We're starting Ancient Greece in a couple weeks -- I'll have to start laying in the supplies for building!

I'm going to check our library for The Three Snow Bears -- it is a Jan Brett book that I hadn't heard of yet!


Karen said...

We used cinnamon graham cracker sticks and the fluffy white frosting in a can. The kids ate them after - and during construction. The fluffy stuff is easier to spread. I put waxed paper on the table before we started so that cleanup was easy.

genie said...

I am so loving September, for the first time in my life! Actually, I have loved every month of the past 11 months since we moved from purgatory, uh, I mean Florida to Colorado. And even though it got really hot temperature-wise here this summer, you can still sit in the shade and have a nice breeze and actually not sweat. What a concept!

I love your blog's name, btw!

Karen said...

I moved from FL to CO about 10 years ago. Isn't fall a nice season? I can't believe I lived most of my life without it!

genie said...

I wish I had moved out here 10 years ago! I saw my first tree of the season in full color yesterday. Quite apropos for the first official day of fall!