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30 September 2007

Week 8 Schedule

Here is the big plan for this week. I am going to try the daily schedule again. If you wonder why I seem to be on two different threads for history at the same time, I can explain. I am teaching a history co-op using SOTW 1. We are back in Ancient Egypt. CC helped me design the class so that all of her friends could learn all of the cool things she learned last year in history. Last year, we worked slowly through STOW and made it through almost twenty chapters. So our co-op focuses on the crafts that CC enjoyed from last year's history, and I frame the crafts with all these cool stories and bit of history - which I learned last year. For our history at home, we are spending most of the year on the Romans using SOTW 1, some Usborne biographies, Baldwin's Fifty Famous Stories, The Story of the Romans by Guerber and as many hands-on activities as I can do. CC loves Rome - which is weird since we didn't actually study it last year, she learned about it on her own time. There is a Wolf Rescue Center about an hour from our house, I am going to call tomorrow and hopefully get reservations. I think the wolves would tie nicely into our Romulus and Remus stories. With that great intro, here is our little schedule for next week.

Fifty Famous Stories Retold "Androclus and the Lion"
Copy Work from Happy Scribe
Alexander the Great by Jane Bingham - we are behind on this
Poetry memorization
Math game
FIAR Another Celebrated Dancing Bear by Gladys Scheffrin-Falk. This week we will talk about foreshadowing, descriptive language, Russian architecture, and folk dancing. History – This week we are still in Ancient Egypt and Cheops is tops. We will mummify apples and make pyramids from sugar cubes and frosting (it sticks better than glue).
We will read the story of Romulus and Remus again – both girls enjoy this story and we have several versions.
Themes to Remember Volume 1
Among the Meadow People, "The Cheerful Harvestman"
Alexander the Great by Jane Bingham
Math game
Field trip to wolf rescue center
Copywork from reading
Continue memorization work
Math game
Alexander the Great by Jane Bingham
Work on story about bravery
Math game

Not Preschool
Little Red Riding Hood, The Gunniwolf, Three Little Pigs

High School
We are doing a short study on the structure of a classic hero tale and BB is taking hist first test on the first book from LOTR.

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Kristiana said...

I wish I'd thought of using frosting! We made sugar cube pyramids on Monday and glue worked...ok!

Sounds like a great week. I have a weekly plan, which I like to break up into daily work, but I've been really bad about writing out the daily work lately. Can somebody please just give me an hour to myself to do this?! Things run smoother and it is nice to be able to say we're done for the day.