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30 September 2007

How cooking is science in first grade

CC loves to cook. She is not a follow the recipe type of cook which drives my batty. Until a few years ago, I thought that cake from a box counted as homemade. I had never used yeast in cooking until after I was 30. Well, CC is not like that at all. She loves to invent recipes. I think that she should learn to follow them before she invents new ones. At long last, she has won.

This morning before I left for work, she had pizza dough rising in the window and was creaming butter and sugar for chocolate cookies. Last weekend she made a chocolate cake from scratch with no recipe, and it was good.

Now, how is that science? While she is cooking, she asks questions, like what do I put in my cookies to make then stick together - eggs? What can I use besides oil or butter to make them moist? Since the regular flour is heavier than the cake flour, I am going to use more baking powder or add baking powder and baking soda to make it rise. She really thinks about her ingredients and how they work together. Last week for her chocolate cake, she wanted it heavy instead of fluffy, but not chewy like a brownie. After we sample her cooking, we always talk about what she made, how it turned out and what she would differently. It is amazing to watch her work.

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Sallie said...

My children love cooking!!

I prefer to take short cuts with things like bread though and use the bread machine :-)

God bless,