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05 October 2007

Weekly Report - Week 8 - Ragweed, Seven Day Magic, Nursery Ryhmes and the Pac-10

Ragweed. It is my least favorite time of the year. Why, is ragweed, the leading story in my weekly report this week? Well I am terribly allergic to it. Most years during ragweed season, I end up with bronchitis, a sinus infection, and a double ear infection. This year has been much better due to my new antihistamine and air conditioning. However, this week, I started losing the battle. I think I have a sinus infection, my ears are popping, and I am sick of being stuck inside most of the day while the last bit of warm weather passes me by, and I had to fall back to a second set of anithistamines that make me drowsy. Ragweed has won yet another round. We missed our field trips this week because of ragweed.

Other than that. CC was sick on Tuesday, so she missed co-op. I only went for history and passed literature off to another parent. LB was sad that she couldn't stay at school with "her friends" and was also sad that she couldn't stay home with her sister. CC has decided that she wants to build a robot. She spent all of her free-time on Thursday working on the design. She has also decided that she loves Edward Eager books. We started our third book by him this week. We have read the first two at least twice, I thought it was time for us to try a new book by him. We were both laughing and CC squealed "No!!!!" when I stopped reading. I like that the children in his books love reading.

LB really likes nursery rhymes right now. This week she kept wanting me to repeat Hey Diddle Diddle. She also blindfolded herself and tried to navigate across the house. It was very cute. And big news! She rode her bike by herself for the first time. It is little and pink and has training wheels, and she can ride it! She just kept giggling the whole time she was riding.

BB was shocked that I actually made him take his test on Monday. He also spent time this week looking at admission requirements for college. I don't know that I am ready to send him off to college - he's my baby. He is looking at BIG colleges. It scares me. I went to a little college with small classes. I'm apprehensive about him going away to something so big. On the left is a college he is looking at, on the right is my college - can you see our disconnect?

So that was my week. We played math, read history, read literature, baked science, copied grammar, created art but nothing else - nothing fun.


genie said...

Sorry about the allergy problems! So you missed the wolf field trip? I just saw that place for the first time last weekend while out on a drive. Have you been there before? It looks very cool, from what I could see on their website.

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Darla D said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my blog! I am glad you and your kids are enjoying Edward Eager's books. I am reading E. Nesbit's Five Children and It to my kids right now (I discovered her as a child because Eager mentions her so often in his books), and they are loving it. We laughed very hard tonight at one of the scenes. If you haven't read her, keep her in mind for when you've finished Edward Eager's books!