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07 October 2007

Week 9 Schedule

I really am going to go the doctor about my allergies and sinuses this week, but I'm not sure when. I was very busy at work this weekend and didn't get to finish my lesson planning for next week. I think the sinus headache and general yuck feeling didn't help my motivation. I am also still trying to cope with the fact that my baby (BB) has decided to go away to college next year instead of staying home an extra semester. We are going to an out of state college fair hosted by a local school district Monday night. I also want to try again for the field trip to the wolf center this week. Here is the plan. Oh and the cool picture is from a friend that just returned from an eleven day solo hiking trip in the Grand Canyon.

CC has started reading Rats on the Roof. So we will work through that this week for reading time.
Fifty Famous Stories retold "Horatius at the Bridge"
Copy Work from Happy Scribe Poetry memorization Math Game Tuesday Co-op FIAR we are reading Katy and the Big Snow. I know I want to concentrate on maps, the compass and directions, but I haven't decided what we are doing for a craft. History - This week we are covering Sargon the First Dictator. I want to make a Sumerian seal, but I don't know what I plan to use or what else we will do. Wednesday I want to go to the wolf center. Themes to Remember Among the Meadow People, "The Cheerful Harvestman" since we missed it last week. Thursday Copywork from reading Math game The Story of the Romans, by Guerber Friday We will start Minimus Latin - Maybe

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Great week. I really enjoyed visiting your blog.