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14 October 2007

Week 10 Schedule

We are going to be busy this week. Besides school and co-op, I am taking my mom to have her big toenail removed Wednesday; LB is turning 3 Thursday; I am going with B on our first college tour Friday. I think we will do a light week of school. Flexible is my keyword this week.

CC is still reading Rats on the Roof this week. I also had her read some from 100 Things you should know about Ancient Rome last week. I think we will continue to do that this week. CC likes that she can read and get information for herself.
Fifty Famous Stories Retold "Julius Caesar"
Copy Work from Happy Scribe
Math game
Co-op - We are covering Hammurabi in history. We will talk about his laws and do a little role-playing, but I am still looking for a good hand-on project. A Pair of Red Clogs will be our book for this week in FIAR. We are going to do Gyotaku prints with real fish, learn to count to 10 in Japanese, eat rice with chopsticks, and learn a little about weather forecasting. Of course that is too many things for one short class, but I like to over-plan instead of not having enough.
BB will be in charge of school while I am with my mom.
Story of the Romans
Among the Meadow People "Little Spider's First Web"
Copy work from reading
Math game
LB's Birthday - no school
I'll be off with BB and G-ma with her newly operated on toe will be home with the kids. So school will an unschooling day.

BB has mid-terms this week in his cc classes. We will also do a Monday review of last weeks Lord of the Rings assignment followed by an introduction to Beowulf. We are switching to the Lightning Lit & Comp "British Medieval Literature" for the next three weeks although we will use the Beowulf unit from Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings to compliment the LL. I ultimately plan to either alternate the two or do them concurrently - nice decision making. I think the LLLOFR is good, but not enough for a high school senior. The LL has more analysis and more integrated writing assignments.

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Tracy said...

I like the link for the cute little Japanese language help although I do want to correct a couple of them.

San = please don't say sun say San
Roku= Ro-ku (ro as in row and coo)
Kyu= ky-u (sounds like "k" "u" or kew

Sometimes sites have good intentions, but living over here I hear these words all the time, and would like to help out.

I know i'm probably a little late on this but good for future reference.

Sunny Mountain