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21 October 2007

She is still 3

LB turned three this week. I can't believe she is this big already. Before she went to bed the night before her birthday, she told everyone to give her a hug and kiss because it will be the last time they can kiss her while she is still two. She had a terrible time sleeping on the night of her birthday. She was afraid that she wouldn't be three anymore when she woke up.

If you are wondering what to get a three year old girl for her birthday, I suggest a princess dress. It was her favorite present. We bought a size 5 although she is barely a 3. It comes almost to the ground on her and she will be able to wear it for a long time. CC has decided she wants one for her birthday although she is over her princess stage and she doesn't want a pink one. She apparently isn't too old for dress up yet.

Now that she is three LB has decided that she is ready to shrink down and become a baby again - but not just yet. She has big plans for when she does shrink back to a baby. This time she wants a nursery and a crib, but she still wants to sleep with us. She wants to wear diapers when she is a baby again and drink from a bottle. She wants to fit back into her baby slings and have me carry her all cuddly again. I think I miss having a baby almost as much as she misses being one.

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