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21 October 2007

Not a Week 11 schedule

We had our first snow last night. The girls were up and eating snow before I even woke up. It has also been very windy so most of my leaves have blown away which is terrible. I was looking forward to a nice afternoon of raking leaves and jumping in leaf piles.

I'm not doing a schedule this week. I refuse. School is going well and settling into a nice rhythm. I can just cover the next thing in the books we are using and CC is working her way through her reading books. We decided that this week she would start on Little House in the Big Woods. Handwriting and poetry are cruising along. History and literature are going wonderfully. We are just playing games instead of doing math. I think we are finally comfortable with our material. There is five more weeks of co-op left then the holidays will be here so I will be off the hook for at-home crafts and art until then.

When things are going smoothly, I worry that I am doing something wrong or that I am missing something. It is funny how we have grown accustomed to feeling inadequate. It seems that sometimes we are happier when there is conflict and struggle. It would be nice to just rest and have peace and confidence.Publish Post

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