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21 October 2007

What I would change - looking back at my home schooled high schooler - part 1.

We visited a college last week. I think I am still traumatized. Yes, that is a strong word, but my baby is really going to go away to college. Yes, I understand that it is almost a year away, but I am not prepared to deal with him growing up and leaving home already. Yes, I know it is a good thing but who will take care of him? Who will tell him good night and kiss him on his head? Who will make sure he eats breakfast before he goes to class?

On the drive up to the college we were looking at, he asked me what I thought about him going away. The first thought I had was "I'm sorry. I should have been a better mother to you." I love him.

Anyway, enough blubbering from me. Here is the first part of a new feature.

What I am learning about college admissions
  • Keep an up to date digital transcript. Writing one on paper with plans to type it doesn't help when its time to send one off.
  • Many colleges are requiring SAT II subject tests. Plan to take at least the math subject test plus one other test before fall of the senior year. We haven't taken any yet and some of the schools we want are requiring them. We are now scrambling to get the test taken so that the scores can be sent before admission deadlines.
  • Starting in ninth grade make a detailed course description with list of material used for EVERY class. I have seen some schools that require them, and I don't have one. I am glad none of the schools on our list require them or I would be in trouble.
  • As part of twelfth grade English, have your student work on "personal essays". My son's public school friends are practicing writing these and have their English teacher helping them. My son is a strong writer and can write excellent expository essays but is looking at the personal essays with bewilderment.
  • Have your child start visiting colleges nearby at least in the spring of their junior year so that they start to form an opinion of what they are looking for in a school. My son and I have looked at colleges online, but walking around and looking at classes, facilities, dining halls, and dorm rooms really helped cement things for us.
We are going to visit another college within the next two weeks. I am sure I will have more things to share.


Trivium Academy said...

What an exciting and scary time! On one hand you've got to be so proud but then sad to realize that he'll actually go. Will he stay close by?

Your tips are wonderful.
:) Jessica

Anonymous said...

Great information! Thanks, K!