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26 October 2007

Weekly Report - Week 11

I am glad that I didn't spend time making a plan for this week - it would have just been a list of things I should have done. Of the four full school days this week, I missed two for migraines and one day was co-op. I planned to just skip school on Thursday since we hadn't done any work all week. I think the kids missed having school, because when I got out of the shower, they had setup a little school room in my bedroom. They had made two little desks, put pillows on the floor for seats, and packed book bags for each of them. CC had even found a math workbook for her bag! It was shocking. We did history, reading, spelling, and math (division) sitting in our little pretend one-room schoolhouse. We then loaded up the school bus for a field trip to the park for the rest of the day.

One highlight from co-op that I have to share: In the FIAR, we talked about art and balanced compositions. One of the girls actually said "Wow, I never noticed that before." That is exactly what I enjoy about teaching!

BB's Japanese teacher asked him to participate in a Japanese speech competition! I am really excited for him, and I think he is also pretty excited and proud of himself.

BB has decided that Beowulf is easier to read than Lord of the Rings. That was very surprising to me. I love Beowulf, but I had never thought of it as easier than anything.


Audrey ~ Mama said...

That is so cute! My kids love school that much also.

Jennefer said...

How precious is that?! That speaks so very highly of you as a teacher, too. :) Thanks for sharing your week. It was very inspiring. I am now asking myself what I can do to make our school a more special place! Thanks for getting the ball rolling.


Robin said...

Isn't it amazing how when some days you don't feel like doing school and the kids want to anyway.

Hope you are feeling better and have recovered from your migraines.

Robin of mytwoblessings