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02 November 2007

Weekly Report - Week 12

Zoo, Halloween at the Zoo, Zoo, Party, Holiday, Bowling, Park, Park - that was our week. I think I needed a break from schooling. I am not sure what was wrong. Everything was going smoothly, but I just wasn't inspired. This week, I purposely planned to do no actual school work.

We went to the zoo three times. The girls got to see somethings they haven't seen before - we saw mountain lions being station trained, vultures being herded into their nighttime cages, red river hogs line up to go in through their gate, a baby giraffe nursing, twin newborn marmosets riding on their mother's back, heard a large male African lion roar, and heard a tapir make a cute little noise - we had never heard a tapir before. We had some wonderful experiences.

At co-op we learned about Minoan bull jumpers, Minotaurs and the eruption of Thera. We read Storm in the Night, painted with acrylics, and talked about dialogue in stories, onomatopoeia, and fear. We also had a Halloween party. The kids were very excited to get to dress up and one of the moms painted the all of the kids' faces.

We topped the week off by going bowling then going to the park two days in a row. LB bowled with her brother's help and CC was very cute. I think they both out-bowled me. The parks were very nice and the fresh air was great for us all. Yesterday was about ten degrees warmer than today although I think that I minded more than the girls did.

Somewhere during the week, CC decided that she wants to write in her journal everyday. Last night she wrote about ten sentences describing her day. She said that her hand was tired, but if she keeps practicing it will get easier to write long stories. She is getting wise.

Last night, I found out that my brilliant plan to have BB read Beowulf at the same time as his ps friend worked out better than I could have hoped. He helped his friend write an eight page paper for his Lit. class about Beowulf. Now, if I can just figure out what his friend is reading next....


Kristiana said...

I think we need a week like that. It sounds so nice and relaxing! Cute pictures too.

Quiver0f10 said...

What a wonderful week! Loved the pictures.

Robin said...

Sounds like another fun week.
Lots of nature.

Robin of mytwoblessings