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04 November 2007

Looking ahead at Week 13

With all of my pondering about schooling this weekend, is it surprising that I was working on a plan for the next 12 years for the girls? It makes sense to me. I was registering my son for SAT II subject tests and making reservations at a hotel for a college visit which naturally led me to try to make sure that CC will be ready for AP Vergil in tenth grade. I have 3 AP tests and 3 SAT subject tests planned for CC. Poor child always suffers from the wisdom I learn with BB. Little LB suffers from how that wisdom goes awry when applied to CC.

Anyway - to our week. BB has a Japanese speech contest next Saturday and a college visit in the same town on Friday. This will dominate our week.

For the girls, I am planning
  • trip to the craft store to get stuff for Greek and jellyfish crafts
  • zoo
  • bike riding at the park
  • co-op will include Night of the Moonjellies, ancient Greeks, and Girls Scouts
  • I need to make a doctor appointment to get more medication for the migraines
  • I need to pick up a class schedule for gymnastics - the girls are both going back soon
  • Reading from STOW vol 1, Baldwin's Fifty Famous Stories, Among the Meadow People
  • CC is reading Little House in the Big Woods
  • We will start listening to Peter and the Wolf from Bernstein's Children's Classics
Sounds like we will have plenty to keep us busy and entertained for the few days that we will be home this week. Plus hubby and I are going to a grownup movie Wednesday night with friends.

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