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11 November 2007

Weekly report - Week 13 The Great Speech

It is finally over. BB gave his speech in Japanese. He won the Special award for his group. I am very proud that he got up in front of students, professors, authors and the Japanese Consulate-General to give a 4 minute speech! He is amazing.

We also did another college visit. I really liked this school. The campus is beautiful and they have some very strong programs. Oh yeah - and it is beautiful.

The parents got to ask questions of a panel of student ambassadors. One of the most interesting answers was about how they chose to attend that school. Everyone said that it was based on their feelings about the school. We as parents like to think that kids will make the decision based on things like student teacher ratios, funding for research, ranking of the school, programs of study, something rational. I guess it makes sense that the kids choose based on emotions - teens are emotional creatures and it is not just about classes, it is also where they are going to live for four years. I am now trying to relax and let BB feel his way into a school. Of course now I really wish we had visited more schools.

I am sure that we did something academic for the girls this week, but I can't remember what it was. They did get to practice being quiet and experience some language immersion - two hours of speeches in Japanese. We also now have a little white hamster that I am calling "nature studies" and CC is calling "Hammy."


LisaWA said...

Wonderful week! I’m so impressed! a 4 minute speech in Japanese! Excellent work!

Congratulations on college hunting too! That is a true season change for his life! What a blessing to go!

Have a great week, and time with your co-op. *Ü*


Kristiana said...

Congrats to BB on the speech!! That is awesome, especially that he did it in front of the Consulate-General!

I remember the college days. I only applied to one school and went there because I knew it was the right place for me. I can't even imagine the day I'll be sending my oldest off.