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11 November 2007

and now onto Week 14

This is the final week of our co-op session! I am ready for a break. I enjoy the kids in co-op, but it is draining on me. I am starting to feel that I am spending all of my home school energy on other kids and short-changing my own kids.

CC is going to be on-stage for the first time reciting the poetry she has learned this semester. I think she has eight short poems memorized and ready for the show. She is also teaching the history class this week - it is our Roman week and we decided that she knows more about ancient Rome than I do (at least more that is appropriate for this age group).

The co-op preparations will occupy Monday and Tuesday this week so I am planning another light week of school. I want to start Latin, but I think we will wait one more week. I have been reading The Latin Centered Curriculum again. I think this will help with my recent crises of confidence in our school direction. CC asked me last week if Romans were "blood-thirsty." I don't know where she heard that but she had a crushed look on her face when she asked. I think we need to shift directions from history stories to mythology and culture. I think that it will be more age-appropriate. She is very emotionally sensitive, and I want to protect that as much as I can. We have been reading Story of the World Volume 1. I think it is time to switch gears. Drew's plan focuses on classical studies and keeps kids sheltered in mythology until they are older.

My current plan has been greatly influence by AO and LCC so it won't be much of a shock to our systems to change out some items. I am adding in Paddle to the Sea and changing STOW for a book on Roman mythology. Here is our general plan:
Latin, Happy Scribe and recitation, reading, Baldwin's Fifty Famous Stories
Latin, poetry copy work and recitation, reading, Bible stories
Latin, reading, Holling C. Holling book, Roman culture or craft
Latin, copy work from reading, Reading, Roman Mythology
Reading, Fairy Tales, Aesop, Art

And before you notice something is missing - we don't do math right now.

For BB this week we are starting a study on Anglo-Saxon riddles and it is time to register for next semester's classes at the cc. He is also preparing for his long-overdue SAT subject tests. He is doing math and literature. Fun. Fun.

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Tina said...

This is our last co-op session for the year too. Well Zoology will meet for a couple more days, but I like to take Dec. off. It is a very busy month around here. :o)

Looks like you all had a full week even w/o math. :o)