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07 December 2007

Week 15 - um 16? No, I think it is 17

Yikes! It has been a fews weeks since I have posted. We have had sort of a mini-vacation (or lack of enthusiasm) in our little homeschool. Do you ever just really lack the enthusiasm to do it? I have just not been able to force myself to be there. We have been busy. The lake at our favorite park is frozen, and the girls have enjoyed exploring it. Our little "Hammy" is teaching CC that responsibility is something you have to do every day even when you don't feel like it. LB has learned to use the computer by herself and now can play a phonics game alone. We even went to the zoo with some friends. The only thing lacking here is the sitting down and doing school part of doing school.

I don't know what the problem with me and schooling is. My kids enjoy learning. I enjoy teaching. I like the materials I have chosen for this year. Our schedule suits us. Everything, on paper, is wonderful. It just isn't working for me.

I have been re-reading my homeschooling books for inspiration. I see all of these wonderful plans and ideas, but there is just something lacking. I am at least comfortable enough with homeschooling to relax during this time and not worry that the kids will suffer permanent damage if they aren't schooled for a couple of weeks.

So basically, I am reporting that there is nothing to report.

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