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16 December 2007

Week 17 - Zimbabwe, France, Italy and Japan

Last week we were kind of light because we had a birthday. My CC turned 7. I can't believe she is 7 already. She is really starting to show signs of that mental maturity that Waldorf and CM say happens around this age. She is spending more time in her head if that makes any sense. She has always had a great imagination, but she used to use toys as props. Now she just sits and imagines. She is starting to spend time alone in her room too. My baby is starting to not be a baby anymore.

We had a fun week with a geography focus. We started the week in Zimbabwe. We made sweet potato cookies for breakfast, built a replica of Victoria Falls in the living room floor, then had Sadza and Peanut Butter Stew for dinner. We made homemade pasta and marinara sauce on Tuesday, went to a French Restaurant on Wednesday and out for Japanese on Thursday. The food really helped bring the cultures alive for my daughter that loves to cook.

For high school, I have lengthy post below including a poetic summary of a story that my son wrote for British Lit. He also finished his CC finals and is off on a week-long trip to FL before Christmas.

And for not-Preschool, LB is able to type her name on the keyboard. She is also able to recognize many of her letters. She decided that eating pasta dough is more fun that eating actual pasta. She spent a lot of time this week cutting paper apart and gluing it onto other pieces of paper.

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