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05 January 2008

Week 18 weekly report - Sewing and Economics plus Skiing and Bravery

Our week 18 was split over the holidays. CC who is now 7 worked on sewing. LB who is 3 wanted to sew also. I didn't think she was old enough, but we tried, and she surprised me. She did a pretty good job with a whip stitch. After we were finished with sewing the toy dog, CC and I had a great discussion about the value of things. She spent about six hours and $3 to make the dog. It was a good way to start a discussion about goods and services and economics.

We also went skiing and CC went on the ski lift for the first time. She made it about half way down a long trail then got a ride from ski patrol. She said she loved riding on the snow mobile. We had a nice long talk about bravery. Being brave is not about not being afraid. It is being afraid and trying anyway. We were all very proud of her.

Of course LB wanted to ski also. She is great just point her down a hill and she goes! She loved it until she got cold and tired then she was done.

We were light on academics, but heavy on real life learning and fun. Next week we will be starting out refreshed and renewed. I think I am finally excited about teaching again, now I just have to get my students back into a school routine again.

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Audrey said...

Sewing looks fun. I can't seem to sit down with my dd with 3 boys running around. :)