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06 January 2008

Ready to Start Fresh at Week 19

I am a Mom with a Plan. I have four weeks of lesson plans ready. I have books pre-read. I have memory items on cards. I have a checklist. We will start being classically eclectic again instead of eclectically unschooling. I have noticed that LB is getting to be more fussy than she has been, and she woke me up in the middle of the night Friday night to ask me if I would teach her to read now that she learned her letters. I think she is needing more structure in her day. I will work on that after I get CC and BB back to work next week.

We are going to try this for four weeks then readjust as needed.
Monday, Wednesday and Thursday will be our big school days since we will be starting co-op and Girl Scouts on Tuesdays, and I work Friday afternoon.

For CC, here is the Big Plan for the next month. We will read the Virtue Tales by Bennett, do memory work, Form Drawing, Roman Mythology, Yoga, Handwork, Reading and Read Alouds each of these three days. This is a lot more than we have been doing, but I think it is do-able. On Tuesdays we will read and have a read aloud. If there isn't co-op or girl scouts, we will go to the Y to swim. Fridays will be only Reading, Poetry, Memory Work and a Nature Walk. Our read alouds will rotate - Just So Stories, Fairy Tales, Story of the World, and a Holling C. Holling book. We alternate her readings between my choices - science encyclopedia or a book from Sonlight intermediate readers or WP LA 2 readers - and her choices Judy Moody or Little House.

For BB, we are doing Shakespeare. We will work through Hamlet, a Shakespeare biography and Bloom's analysis of Hamlet. We'll also watch two movie adaptations of Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. I just need to decide on a writing project to go with this.

I seem to do better when I not only have a list of things to do, but also when I have really studied and planned what I will be doing. I feel more prepared and more like I am teaching my children. I have my enthusiasm for schooling back. Hopefully my kids will catch some of it. Now if only I could find where I put Minimus, I could start planning out our Latin.

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