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06 January 2008

Week 19 Details

The picture is my cute nephew and my beautiful sister-in-law.

This week is going to be busy. I am going to start my Big Plan. I also have to go to the grocery store Monday which I hate doing, but we are out of so many things. It is time even if it has to be a Monday. I will go armed with a two-week shopping list and a handful of coupons. Tuesday we have a planning meeting for the upcoming co-op session and a girl scout meeting. Either Wednesday or Thursday BB and I have to go to the cc and buy his books and pay for his classes - yuck. SO much for money. Also the house is a mess since we had company for two weeks so I didn't clean. And there is a mountain of laundry since we have all had a cold and I didn't keep up with it like I usually do.

Here for my sanity is what I plan to do.
Monday -
Laundry. Read Virtue Tales - this week is Courage and Perseverance. Read the Try, Try Again Poem. Introduce Form Drawing. Read the Ganymede myth. Introduce the Shakespeare unit to BB and give assignments. Have kids do a once-over-lightly cleaning. Grocery store. Hobby store for supplies for another stuffed animal. Pet store for worms for the reptile. Reading. That is quite enough for one day.
Tuesday -
Laundry. Read the poem again. Have CC read to me. Read Hamlet with BB. Co-op meeting. Girl scouts. Read Just So story.
Laundry. Read Virtue Tales. Read poem again. Introduce continents. Form Drawing - spirals this week. More mythology. Reading. Yoga. Work on stuffed animal. Read a fairy tale. Read more Hamlet. Clean the bathrooms and mop.
Laundry should be all done. Virtue tales should be finished, have CC tell me what she knows. Read poem again if its not memorized already. Work on spiral forms again. Read more Hamlet with BB. Go to cc with BB. Reading. Yoga. Read Paddle to the Sea.

Laundry. Take turns reading from a poetry book. Go over continents and poem. Reading. Talk a nice walk. Make sure BB is on track with his work. Have the kids do another quick clean. Go to work.
Hmm why am I so tired? Maybe I shouldn't write this down.

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