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09 January 2008

Wednesday Update

The week has been going well except for one big problem.  CC's best friend is moving tomorrow.  Today they had their last play date before the move.  It was hard to say good-bye.   It is hard watching your little one hurt.

We skipped school today of course - except for some crafts and breakfast story time.  Somethings are more important than school.  

I did get a big surprise this week for school - okay there have been a couple.  CC is allowed to read after she goes to bed.  Last night she read a whole Magic Tree House book but since it was so short, she read a Magic School Bus also.  She asked if we could go back to the library to get a big stack of them so that she won't run out of things to read.   
I let her manage the coupons at the grocery store this week, and she got to keep half of the money we saved with coupons.  The catch was that she had to correctly figure out the amount.  She did it in her head at the register.  Wow.
There are more, but I will save them for the weekly report.    Oh and if you wonder about the picture, it is CC.  She took the picture of herself and did the effects herself.

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