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10 January 2008

Thursday - a day in the life

What does a day in the life of a relaxed eclectic classical homeschooler look like? My kids are 17, 7, and 3. This is how our day went.

(9 am ) We have been reading stories over breakfast and practicing the poems we are memorizing. Today we read a Jan Brett version of the Gingerbread Boy. We discussed how this was similar to and different from other Gingerbread Boy stories we have read. My ds17 then went to read a biography of Shakespeare and dd7 had reading time. She chose to read from the children's encyclopedia. I read a story to dd3 while I finished my coffee. During this reading, ds17 was relating interesting facts and quotes about Shakespearean England from the family room while ds7 was exclaiming things like "Wow! I found Bogota!" and "Kansas is right next to Colorado." and "Did you know...."

( 11 am ) I went to take a shower and came back to ds17 discussing his school classes on the phone with a friend, "Wow you got and F? Why didn't you just drop the class?" Dd7 explained to me how to read the history of a tree from its rings. Dd3 was playing with little stick people her sister made yesterday. Ds17 and I read another scene from Hamlet before lunch while the girls built a zoo with stuffed animals in the living room.

( 1pm ) After lunch, we read a chapter from an Edith Nesbit book and dd3 fell asleep on my lap. After the story Dd7 compared Nesbit's writing to Edward Eager's (he is her favorite author right now). Eager references Nesbit's books in his stories frequently. She still likes Eager better but will give Nesbit another try. She thinks they both do a great job of creating stories and keeping them exciting. She didn't like the characters as much as she does the Eager characters.

( 2pm ) After dd3 finally woke up and had her story choice read, we went to the library again. We had to load up on more books. Dd7 loves cooking, drawing, and ancient Rome so she spent a lot of time trying to find books that she hasn't already read on these subjects and got four more easy chapter books for her bedtime reading. Ds17 is enjoying his light days right now his cc classes start again next week so he will be busy again soon.

( 4:30 pm ) This all sounds idyllic doesn't it? However, I haven't mopped this week and while I am typing this, the girls are on the home computer playing a video game called Baby Luv that has no educational value. Dd3 got tired in the library an whined "I want to go home." at least 10 times before dd7 finished choosing her books. I have also failed to actually teach math to my kids much to the shame of my brother who is a high school math teacher (they know math I just can't teach it). If I can ever find my Latin book.......

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