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16 January 2008

Babies in the Snow - Wordless Wednesday


Daisy said...

Love it! How I miss the snow.

Tina said...

I remember the first time I put my eldest in the snow (he's now 18), he cried and cried and cried. :o)

Thanks for shaing and bringing that memory back to me today. :o)


LLLAcademy said...

It is so much fun watching them explore at this age. They always look so cute all bundled up too!

Brittney said...

Brings back fond childhood memories for me. I miss the snow!
Happy WW!

Melkhi said...


LisaWA said...

Oh how cute! Did you all go to the mountains or is this at home?

We live about 2 1/2 hours from 3 different ski resorts and we never go!

Happy WW~


Mama Peep said...

This brings back memories of my childhood. I grew up in NYC when it used to snow by the foot. I am sure he is warm. :-)

Patricia in WA
Happy WW