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18 January 2008

Week 20 - Weekly Report

I feel like such a home schooler this week! I might even classify myself as a classical home schooler for a change. We started off the week with a nature walk. We went to a performance of Aesop's fables. We made gingerbread people and a gingerbread house. We even went to story time at the library. Oh and I can't forget, we worked on poetry memorization, our history time line cards, science, art, reading, math and Latin! We also visited with a neighbor and shoveled snow. How is that for a week?

LB and I made these cute little bead counters with popsicle sticks, glass beads and the hot glue gun. I was originally going to do 1-10 on the sticks, but 10 wouldn't fit on a stick. I decided that having 5 on a stick was just wonderful. I have a 4 sets of 1-5 on sticks. We will be able to easily count up to twenty with them and it will help her visualize the numbers in groups of 5's. Can you tell I spent a little time doing RS? She has been wanting to do her numbers since we checked-out Anno's Counting Book from the library last week. She really likes that book. She is calling it her "learning book."

I finally found my copy of Minimus. CC was less than enthusiastic when we first started it; however, once we got started, she LOVED it. We also did math - that dreaded math. I planned to start with one page of her choice from Miquon. Simple rules, she must do at least one page and she must do it correctly. She did it and asked for more. Join me in a big sigh of relief. I think I had just pushed her too fast in math before. We are now going to proceed more slowly.

I was a bit sick this week so we used some things for double purpose. CC read some science to LB to keep her entertained and practice her reading - then they made sugar water, and flowers and used straws for a proboscis and pretended to be bees. I also turned the girls loose in the kitchen with the craft book and let them make gingerbread. It is really good for reading comprehension and math since we tripled the recipe. Daddy even cleaned up after he finished work - aren't Dads great?

The trip to the theater to see a production of Aesop's fables was fun and the girls even got to see me wear a dress - they weren't certain that I owned one. This morning was our first time at the library's preschool story time. There were at least twenty 3-5 year old kids there plus a dozen babies. LB listened to the first two stories, but then could not resist the babies. She had to get up and play with the nearest one. I think we will try to make this part of our normal weekly routine. It will get us to the library and help us to connect with other kids in the neighborhood.

This was an excellent week.


Daisy said...

It sounds like an excellent week! I'm wishing you had taught my kiddos. ;)

Anonymous said...

*Very* impressive. I was more than a little sick all week, but at least math got done most days. I really rallied today and had an almost-full day today though, thank goodness. The only thing missing was Burgess Animal Book and Comstock (her lessons fit in perfectly w/the Bird/Animal books, btw). Next week, huh?

Lorna said...

What a wonderful week. I love the popsicle sticks. I remember doing something similar with sequins and paper but they weren't half as nice.

LisaWA said...

I agree! It was a good week! Even though you were not feeling well. I hope you are better now!

It sounds like you accomplished a lot and everyone enjoyed the process! That’s a bonus!

Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

It looks like an excellent week! I love Anno's Counting Book, my uncle sent me an original one from Japan when I was a child. I never knew what it was until I found it in our library one day.