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17 February 2008

Week 25 - The Plan

This week is starting to fill-up with activities already. Tuesday is co-op and Girl Scouts, Wednesday is a party at a friend's house and gymnastics. I'm not planning anything for the other two days of my week, because I need room for flexibility and rest and schooling and a trip to the grocery store and the library and the doctor.

This week I am increasing handwriting requirements. Other than that, we are going to do more of the same - math and reading everyday with good literature, history stories, and art on the side.

BB has some scholarship application, transcript, and housing forms to fill out for his colleges for next year. For high school, we are finishing Paradise Lost and starting Frankenstein late in the week. We will also have another writing session with IEW.

I like the SWI. It is not complex or mind-blowing. It is just straight forward writing instruction. I am thinking of working in IEW-SWI-A into second grade next year for CC, but maybe we could just do the SWI-C at a slower pace which would save me money. I think that it would be a good addition once I get her up to the level of being able to write two sentence dictations. We might even do that before starting Writing Tales. Of course, I will keep changing my mind. It is hard to predict what CC and I will need in a writing program in six months. I am going to start on grammar next month and see where that takes us.

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